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Originally from Queens, New York, Ashley is a Baltimore- based pediatric primary care nurse practitioner, former travel pediatric ICU nurse, pediatric clinical faculty member at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and founder of the nursing career service The ReNegade Resume, LLC. In her 6+ years of experience, Ashley spent 4 years in the PICU as a staff and travel RN and 2 years as in outpatient pediatric primary care NP.


My name is Edith, and I’ve been a RN for a year now. I graduated in November 2019, and obtained my license in December 2019. Before becoming a Nurse, I had the opportunity to volunteer in various hospitals and I worked with children with autism as a behavioral health therapist. However,  I’m currently working in a Medical/Surgical Telemetry Unit where I have learned so much.



Shaunta Chapple, MS, RN is a member of the baccalaureate nursing faculty at Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland. She has been a nurse for over 10 years and is a lifelong Maryland resident.
She is a proud HBCU alumna of Coppin, earning her Bachelor of Science degree in 2010. She holds a Master of Science in Nursing Education from Stevenson University (2015); and a certificate in Nursing Informatics from University of Maryland, Baltimore (2020). She will complete her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at University of Maryland, Baltimore in May 2021.


Brittany Blair graduated with her Bachelor in Science of Nursing from Azusa Pacific University in 2013. She is a registered critical care nurse and has worked in the intensive care unit for over six years.
She is currently enrolled in a Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia program and is projected to graduate in May of 2022. Brittany is a firm believer in mentorship and has a passion to help others achieve their goals!



Tamarra Crandall, MSN, RN is a registered nurse, entrepreneur, public speaker,educator, and passionate caregiver who has dedicated herself t the healthcare world. A naturally gifted nurse, she discoveed her passion for nursing at a young age as she watched her moher provide caregiver services, whichAs a new grad, Tamarra was accepted into one of the mostexclusive new grad nursing programs, UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, in the cardiothoracic ICU unit. The UCLA new gradprogram provided a great foundation for her nursing career. While caring for patients receiving heart and lung transplants, hercuriosity led her to join OneLegacy, one of the largest organ procurement organization, where she coordinated the efforts of identifying and preparing organs for recipients. Tamarra’s nursing journey also includes experience with travel nursing, registrynursing, post anesthesia care, pre-operative nursing andeducating vocational nurses. She is also the Owner of Crystal Hearts Healthcare Services, a home care agency in Southern California. Tamarra loves giving back to her community and has a passion to share her knowledge and mentor others. She holds a Master’sDegree, Nurse Executive Administration University of SouthAlabama, and is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Nursing Practice.


Cicely is a Licensed Practical Nurse who is currently in school pursuing her RN degree and has a passion for all things Women's Health. She has been a Nurse for a year and a half. She worked as a CNA in the inpatient hospital setting before and while completing nursing school.
She currently works in an outpatient precision medicine clinic where the focus is on preventive care and lifestyle modification to optimize health. She is able to integrate her knowledge of women’s health in practice as well. She is an Evidence Based Birth instructor and teaching is one of her passions. As an alum of the original BNKI mentorship, she is excited to give back and help other Nurses and nursing students reach their goals and potential.



My name is Wyman McCary and I love helping and educating people. I am an emergency/trauma nurse and have worked at one of the busiest level one trauma centers in the country for over 25 years. I have worn many hats in my career: staff nurse, preceptor, charge nurse, manager and educator. I have 15 years as an adjunct instructor for two nursing schools and I have been an instructor instructor for different trauma classes since 2003 and have been on a team that has developed multiple trauma classes that are recognized and praised by the American College of Surgeons, the credentialing body for trauma. I am the owner of McCary Cares Consulting a company that provides evaluation, education, mentorship, motivation, and equipment like first aid kits. I am a big proponent of simulational  training and I’m continuing to push the envelope to develop more advanced training in healthcare. I was the first male SANE nurse in Ohio and helped to develop one of the busiest SANE programs. One of my biggest roles as a nurse has been as a mentor. I have had great mentors in my career in life and I am a firm believer in the benefits of having a mentor. I am very active in the education of new nurses and have received numerous awards for my leadership, precepting and mentorship.


Daniel is a Pediatric Emergency/Trauma Nurse from Augusta, Ga. He has 5+ years of professional nursing experience and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. 
He enjoys precepting, teaching, and helping other nurses/nursing students learns tips and advice that he gained along the way. He believes that nursing is an enormous field with space to embrace the unique characteristics and aspirations of everyone who wants it! “With God, ALL things are possible...so find your niche and own it!”



’m originally from Alabama I received my ASN first in 2010 and started my nursing career in MedSurg. After 2 years of working MedSurg I made the decision to do travel nursing. My first assignment was in California. For 3 years on and off I worked ortho, neuro, and tele Med Surg as well as strikes. While traveling I completed my BSN online. In 2015 I decided to start working in Ga so I could be closer to family and friends. I began working in Atlanta as a travel nurse but was offered a full time position 2016 as a Nurse Educator for a MedSurg unit. I held that position a year and a half and decided that I wanted to change my specialty. I needed a new challenge. I always had the desire to be an ER nurse however I was never allowed the opportunity. So I applied for a transfer at my hospital and was hired immediately for the ER in 2017. Once I gained my experience I began working as a preceptor in the ER because helping other nurses grow in nursing is a passion of mine. I stayed full time in that position until 2020. At that point I made the decision to travel again. I worked in NY during COVID and an ER nurse and just completed another COVID assignment  TX. 


My name is Angela Harlee and I have been a nurse for close to 12 years. Currently I’m working as a Family Nurse Practitioner in retail health where I have practiced for the last 3 years. With my former background as an RN, I specialized in pediatrics working in general pediatrics/ respiratory care unit for 8 years. I love nursing and I am eager to help the next generation of nurses to become the best nurses they can be. I understand what I feels like being new in the profession and mentorship can make all the difference. So know I am in your corner and want to be able to help create confidence and a great working knowledge of this awesome profession to you.



Hey y’all! ! My name is Jaelin Shiloh, but most people just call me Jae! I am 28 years old and currently work as an ER nurse in Atlanta, Ga at a Level 1 Trauma hospital. I received a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Georgia State University in 2015. After a traumatic incident that occurred during my undergrad I felt God leading me to pursue a second degree in nursing, so I did just that and in 2020 I graduated from UCLA with an Entry-Level MSN. Aside from nursing my faith is very important to me as well. I truly believe that God placed each and every one of us on this earth for a specific purpose! My goal is to glorify God while inspiring others to pursue their God given purpose along the way!